Just to introduce myself


It’s really quite hard to summarize me in a short enough space to fit on this page. I am a walking contradiction. I am am chef who can’t eat, an insomniac with narcolepsy,  and a right-wing gay republican. I studied computer science and math at the University of Texas before deciding to go to culinary school at the California Culinary Academy.  Around that time bi-polar disorder began to manifest and has been a presence in my life ever since. Although it wasnt until several years later that i was officially diagnosed. I’m starting this blog to raise awareness for several different causes – mental health, risk of weight loss surgery, the state of health care in our country today and LGBT rights and issues. As I post I am hoping that my commitment to these causes will be conveyed to my readers while providing some insight and information on the issues at hand. It is my absolute belief that these things will never be appropriately addressed with education and open dialog.  So…if I  am able to get on my soap box and preach about the changes that need to occur then I also need to be prepared to be proactive and involved in the hunt for a solution.

1 thought on “Just to introduce myself”

  1. Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog http://www.weatheringthestormbp.com a while back. I really enjoy your blog here and look forward to reading more. I have added your blog as a resource on my Links page. I truly apologize for the delay 🙂


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