It has really started to come to my attention that while I am OK or good at many things there isn’t anything that I am great at. It brings up the question of what has greater value and therefore also brings up self worth. It seems like always been working hard on or had some focus on something but I can’t say that there is even one that was taken to competition. So was all that time and effort spent wasted?

I think that debate in mind stems from the fact that there has ALWAYS been energy, effort and passion put into everything I have done. So does the value of that get negated by the lack of completion? And if not what is the value system that is used to assess? And then it brings up the question of individual assessment. Should each person or individual be judged individually and not against to norm or expected?

This brings up an endless set of questions, as most things do in my mind. But one of the first ones , and possibly the most important one, is who gets to determine the answer to these things. Who is the final judge? Is there ever really any one, singular person capable enough to be entrusted with the responsibility of the judgment of others or does that just go beyond that of human ability?