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I’ve been wanting to post this whole week but just haven’t felt up to it. I’m just in too much pain. But I seem to have found the stamina tonight to do so. I hate this being in pain. Especially since I know that if I were able to get the health care that I need it would be taken care of. While they can’t deny me care based on my conditions they can use it to determine the cost of my premium making it far too high for me to afford when I am out of work. And seeing that I can’t go back to work because I am far too sick it becomes a vicious cycle and I fall between the cracks of “ObamaCare.”

For the past 9 days I have not been out of bed for more than 3 hours.  It is beyond frustrating. It is angering and makes me livid. It does so because if I could see a doctor and get the care I need then I could move past this. But I cannot. I went to school. And I studied.  I did well in several fields. I continued my education after I left. I have things to contribute both economically and philosophically to the culture that surrounds me but I am hendered. I  hendered because I am sick and do not have the means to obtain health care that should be a standard. There are medical procedures that I need done and medicine I need to be on but am not because I do not have access to health care in our country. And yes, I am mad. I am mad because I played by the rules. I went to school. I got a degree, I learned a skill that made me a valuable member of society and yet our government has turned its back on me.

I live in a state that cannot even provide me with the health care that is needed to save my life but is being told by our president that we should use our state – funded schools as shelters for illegal immigrants and I am expected to be OK with that? I have NO problem with immigration.  Almost all Americans have some sort of immigration history in their lineage. But, do it the right way. Do it the legal way. Come to this country, learn our language,  learn our history, pass the test and gain citizenship.